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This is a graph chart that is generated by the National Association of Realtors yearly based upon their studies of where buyers come from.  There are other factors here that not all Realtors do, like actively go out knock on doors and actually speak with the neighbors, potential buyers, referral sources and marketing to their current and past clients.

Some of the key factors here are the fact that Open Houses, Magazine and Newspaper advertisement just doesn’t work in todays internet based world.  They say that 90% of buyers see your home on the internet, which it also states that the buyers want he most is photos and property information, these numbers are 84% and 86% respectively.

Reality is, you need an Active and Aggressive Agent that will do the Activities that will get your home sold, an Agent that can negotiate not only the best price for your home but also the best terms, another key point is the sales process is having an Agent that can be organized, patient, experienced and most of all having the discipline of getting the job done and looking after your interest first!  To make any of this possible  you need an agent that will provide you with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!

That is what our company is all about, providing you the best possible service and exposure by telling everyone in the world about your property, taking care of the client first and foremost, if that is what you are looking for, you are at the right place!

 The key to selling is getting the buyers to see your home

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The most interesting part about marketing is the fact that most agents are not familiar with most of the sites that will either be the vessel (syndication) to get your content out in to the web in hopes for someone to find it.  The idea is to utilize the most sophisticated and streamlined tools that will enable the buyer to find your listing through various mediums on the web. The most critical aspect of the exposure for your property is the fact of being able to find it.  Having the ability of getting the content in front of the buys that have the highest probability of having the need, want and/or desire to buy your home.  How do we do that?  We use a tactic and technique that has taken over 20 years to develop and provides the seller the highest potential of maximum exposure to their listing on the internet. How many will the agent you list with use?  Most agents haven’t heard of many of these … Much less utilize them!

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Placement on the web is critical

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We do all the basics that all agents, well most of what the average agent does.  It is known as the three P’s.  1.) Put your property on the multiple listing service.   2.) Put a sign in the front yard.  3,)  Pray that the property sells. Here at Realty Professionals we get out there and hustle to get your property sold.  We will do whatever it takes to attract as many buyers as possible to see your property.  One of our proprietary marketing campaigns is we use a service to provide us with 10 years of data that tracks where people are moving from and to.  We use your address, then get all the data of people moving into your neighborhood and where they came from.  This data is narrowed down by State, County, City, Zip code and neighborhood.  We then strategically direct market to this data. We have specifically designed Post Cards that focus on selling your property.  Many times you see an advertisement or marketing piece that has the picture, usually very prominent picture on the material and the promotion of the property is lost.

We pride ourselves on always doing Professional Photography.  The post cards are just one of many reflections of this.  The multiple listing service photos are very important as 92% of all buyers will find or research you property on the internet which could make or break the decision of wanting to look at your property in person or making an offer.

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Beyond the Professional Photograghy having Aerial photos for most listings are paramount.  They give you the best perspective of the land near your property.  Aerials will also promote proximity, maybe you are near the ocean or a lake, residential neighborhood, how close you are to a specific venue or selling point.

Here is an example of social media post with multiple photos.

The idea is give just enough for the buyer to call on the ad and not too much information that they are compelled to call on the ad to ask a question, giving the opportunity of the agent to be a salesperson.

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Social Media marketing is a valid point, there are cases that it has been proven that a buyer did find , has seen or were told about  XYZ property on or through social media so this marketing should be done as well.

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The most interesting part about marketing is the fact that most agents are not familiar with most of the sites that will either be

Almost every buyer today researches the internet for their purchase …
the question is … will your home be found?

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We are skilled marketing specialists and make sure that your ad copy and content is written so that it compels the buyer to pick up that phone and call a real estate professional.  Many times they call us but are represented by another agent, that is a good thing because as salespeople, we sell them on the property, have them call their agent and we follow-up with that agent as well and create urgency for that agent to express to the buyer that they need to take action immediately.

It is the agents job to not only sell the buyers on your property but their agents as well!

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In sales it is said that the salesperson or the sale is made in the follow-up.  Kevin Jones, Broker of Realty Professionals agrees with this but also believes that follow-through along with follow-up is what makes a happy client, and that is our focus here at Realty Professionals  We at Realty Professionals are can-do people, we follow-up sometimes too much and are just as diligent at follow-through.


Want an Active and Aggressive Agent to get you the best price and terms?

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At Realty Professionals we use a highly guarded marketing technique to distribute your listing content not only locally but globally as well.  We want to expose your property to the world to get you the most amount of  eyes looking at your property so that you have the ability to maximize the amount of offers and money you receive for your property.  Kevin Jones, Broker of Realty Professionals has been a pioneer of web based marketing, working and owning companies with top names such as Tony Seruga and Jay Abraham creating some of the most sophisticated marketing techniques is sales on the internet.

You deserve the best marketing … don’t settle for less

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Open houses are a great marketing tool for buyers agents.  They enable themselves the opportunity to create a satellite office and meet potential buyers that they will spend a lot of time following up on throughout the following week probably selling your neighbors property.  Realty Professionals does not do Public Open Houses and allow unqualified buyers and potential robbers and thieves into your home and yes this happens.  Here at Realty Professionals you are hiring us for one thing, to sell YOUR property, not your neighbors.  If a buyers calls on your property, we focus all our effort on selling them your property, if they do not, they are continually followed up on to buy your home.

Hire someone that has only your best interest and will focus on selling YOUR home

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We have an extensive Buyer database.  Each call is logged and placed in a database that we can research, call upon and follow up on.  Our focus is effectiveness and efficiency so for our buyers they are classified by type of property, city and price.  When we take a new listing we input your listing in the database and cross reference and prospect those buyers to buy your home.  We also cross market on the MLS where once your property is listed we go into the back end and contact the agents that have entered their buyers critea for searches and call those agents and sell your property to them in hopes they contact their buyer and show your home.

Having an active and aggressive agent representing you will help sell your home faster

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This is a program that originated by Prudential over 20 years ago and unfortunately wasn’t marketed and the idea wasn’t sold to their sales associates in a way that they could believe in the program.  It is an amazing tool, it truly is a very simple but also complex program.  What it does, if it implemented properly, is open up your buyer pool and will typically provide you the seller with multiple offers!  While at Re/Max in 2000 Kevin and his partner were approached by leadership as a top producing team in Los Angeles to experiment with this program.  Kevin exploited this program and has used it ever since.

Want multiple offers on your property?

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The average agent doesn’t look at a property the same way we do at Realty Professionals.  Kevin Jones the broker is a highly trained and experience Commercial Real Estate agent since 1992, in 1994 the Northridge earthquake changed his career and supplemented income by selling Residential properties.  In doing this Kevin brought commercial evaluation in his equation to explaining valuation to sellers and has taught this to his agents.  By doing this Realty Professionals listings have a very high probability of selling quickly and multiple offers … when sellers list with us at our suggested valuation.

Real Estate is simple, Price, Marketing and Timing, want to know more?

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They don’t call Realty Professional agents the hardest working agents in the business for no reason.  We put our money where our mouth is, we work extremely hard, diligent and our only goal is to put your needs before our own.  Most agents roll into the office at 9 or 10 am, we have already done more at that time than the average agent does all day!  Most of our agents are in the office between 0700 and 0730 and on the phones by 0800 working to get you the results you need and want!

If we don’t do what we say … Fire us!

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The broker and owner of the company has an extensive background in business and discipline.  Why is this important?  Because you get full access to Kevin Jones whenever you use our company, when you list your property with Realty Professionals you are getting your agent and Kevin Jones to get your property sold and access if you need or want a question answered.  Kevin has been in Real Estate in 1992, a broker since 2001, owner of Realty Professionals and JONES Commercial since 2004.  Kevin has owned 19 other businesses, served six years in the US Navy, been married since 1985,  supported himself and been on his own since the age of 15.  Kevin focuses daily to lead by example and train his agents to be the best in the industry, hence the name Realty Professionals.

Want a Hardworking agent that wants to earn your business?

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Here at Realty Professionals we all have specialties and focus on learning more and more each day to serve you the client at the highest level and ability possible.  Kevin Jones, the broker of the company is in a very extensive and intense coaching program that keeps himself and the company accountable to the highest level of production and professionalism possible.  Through this training we have specialties in the various aspects of real estate, some include situations like Properties that previously did not sell or specialized sections of the industry like Probate and Trust sales and to unique property types like Hotel sales in commercial real estate.

Let us serve you in your own unique situation

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In dealing with one of the if not the largest financial transactions you will ever do in your life make sure you are hiring a Professional, someone that is actively seeking out to become better each day and learning more about thier industry.  Here at Realty Professionals we are focused on the sponge technique.  We focus everyday on being a sponge and learning more to serve our clients at the highest level possible.  With a broker with 27 years experience and still participating actively in the market buying and selling real estate Kevin Jones has probably seen just about every type of scenario and what is great is he networks with the top real estate brokers not only locally but nationwide in groups that discuss industry specific activities that are current to todays changing real estate market.

Hiring an agent the is in the know is very important

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Having a representative that understands and practices the true dynamics of business inside real estate is a major help to you in dealing with your transaction.  Kevin Jones, Broker and owner of Realty Professionals is always hustling to get himself and everyone around him to the next level.  Owning 19 businesses from Mens Clothing store (Male Image), Womans Clothing store (Career Woman), to technology companies like pay telephones (Public Access), pager company (Page4Less), cellular company (Cell4Less) and other retail type stores like Postal Center (Copy and Mail), online sales (eBay store) to internet and marketing companies (Aardvark Internet development and Ready to Play BIG), etc.  Beyond this Kevin has also served six years in the US Navy (EW2SW) and spent 3 years in the Automotive car sales industry in sales and management.  Kevin Jones have also been in Leadership at the local Association of Realtors level from committees all the way up to President of the Association. With this diverse background we here at Realty Professionals can serve you at a level that most cannot.

You deserve a Leader to lead you to a closed sale

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We here at Realty Professionals will coach, lead and guide you to a successful transaction.  How can we do this?  Easy, our leadership history says it all, not only our superior sales track record but our previous leadership experience from business owners of multiple companies, management experience which really helps inmanageing your sale and escrow to successful closing to giving back and Leading our Local Association in the capacity of Board of Directors (multiple years both Pismo and Burbank Assocations), State Director  California Association of Realtors, President Elect of Pismo Coast Association of Realtors (2016) and President of the Pismo Coast Association of Realtors (2017), Past President (2018) plus all the boards, commitees and chairing of multiple commitees allows the opportunity serve you at a much higher capacity.

Let us properly coach lead and guide you to great results

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Most of our agents including the broker and owner of Realty Professionals spend 3-4 hours every morning working on drumming up more and nwe business to get the results that you are looking for.  What is interesting is that through tracking real estate numbers of sales associates at least 70-80% of all business is won or lost in the follow up.  It is our goal to spend at least 25% of our day doing this activity as boring as it may be, we strive to be the most aggressive agents in follow up to get you the results you want.

Want the best results?

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Most agents are terrified or are too lazy to do this.  Yes we have been bitten by dogs, telled and screamed at and even been confronted by angry owners with guns.  But with our experience we are very good at difusing the situation and can usually make an akward situation into a positive one or in some cases immediately remove ourselves from the situation.  The broker and owner of the company has military experience and law enforcement training as well as others on the Realty Professionals team, we focus on the fact of getting in fron of as many people as possible and truly in the 27 years these unique interactions are very far and few inbetween.  We are willing to go door to door to provide you with the highest and best exposure because we know that many times a neighbor knows someone that want to live in thor neighborhood and whats better than picking yours.

We are not afraid to do the work and are focused on the results

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With all the vast amount of training we have gone through and continue to go through we only use the most profitable and most effective forms or marketing.  We know that our national trainer does statistical studies to determine the most efficient types of mailers.  This is a collaboration of thousands of agents, all trying their own tricks and techniques and we all share our results and then do what we call R & D (rip off and duplicate) our partners successful activites.  The number one result is post cards and specifically the 6X4 design that we designed 15 years ago.  That post card has and still is evolving as the market changes daily but you have 100% guarantee on visual on one side and 93% visual on both sides with over a 50% retention of the card for book mark or on the refrigerator.  Whereas a letter with letterhead has an 18% open rate, most of them end up in the trash before even opening unless it is to a past client or sphere of influence.  There are other mailers we do that are specialied in our marketing package as well.

Want the results … hire the best

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We pride ourselves in not only being top agents but networking with the most active agents in your local market place.  Once we take a listing we reach out to the top agents in the area and share with them your new listing so that we can make sure that these agents will get their eyes on your property and have the ability to know that it is available for sale.  We also want to work with the top agents as they usually have the most qualified buyers and are focused on business not the drama.

Having an agent that is connect and willing to work is key

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As soon as we list your property we immediatly get in gear to do the just listed campaign.  We make contact after contact and spread the word about your property now being available for sale.  The most important time to market the property is out of the gate.  Many agents throw it on the MLS and hope for that 45% chance it will sell, kind of like a roll of the dice and if it doesn’t then will do a little extra later … after it is stale.  We will typically spend approximately $1,500 just in the first week of the listing to get all the ducks in a row for a Powerful launch and create a buzz to get buyers into the property and get you the results you deserve.

We want to give you the maximum exposure

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Whenever possible we take the opportnity to cross market our listings so that your property is exposed to a wider audience and has the ability for maximum exposure.  What this typically does is gives you extra marketing and exposure to put more eyes on your property and to increase the amount of showings that will in turn give the opportunity for more buyers

More exposure will increase the amount of offers

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Lockboxes have come a long way since 1992 when we had combination boxes that you had to give out the combo and never have any type of accountability of the entry or keys.  Today the lockboxes are electronic and basicaly controlled by satellites so that we are alerted immediately everytime there is a showing and we request feedback from the agent showing.  We don’t always get the response but when we do we share that with you on our weekly call.  We at Realty Professionals use the most up to date, most secure and newest technology lockboxes offered.  Being electronically controlled we can see access on our phones and have a digital record of who opened the box, what time and for how long.  Also the box only allows access to active real estate agents that are in good standing but also we can give out a one day pass for a contractor or if you get locked out, we can give you access as well.

Easy access creates maximum showings and offers

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We share our new listings with our past clients which is a large database and ask them to spread the word as well as they we in the same spot a while back and others did that for them as well.  We rely on our clients to shar because there is nothing better than a happy client sharing this information with thier friends and family members which usually the referrals are the best and easiest clients.

Reaching people traditional marketing doesn’t

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Our sphere of influence are people that we know, that we come in contact with sometimes on a daily, weekly or unscheduled time but that we are familar with and know usually as an acquaintence.  An example would be a business owner that we frequent like a barber or hair salon.  We share your listing with them and ask them if they would share our new listing with people they know or come in contact with.  We will usually market this with our post card system and leave several post cards for them to give out freely.

Reaching the local community differently

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We network with local business owners because of their sphere of influence is usually more diverse and larger than the aver person.  Plus many of the business owners will allow up to leave with them or place our literature in their business.  We are focused on any and every way possible to get you maximum exposure.

Delivering maximum exposure, that is what you want right?

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