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This is a graph chart that is generated by the National Association of Realtors yearly based upon their studies of where buyers come from.  There are other factors here that not all Realtors do, like actively go out knock on doors and actually speak with neighbors, potential buyers, referral sources and marketing to their current and past clients, so we may have properties in our inventory not on MLS.

We are a very Active and Aggressive company, we will employ the latest and greatest technology to serve you and give you the absolute best possibility to find the closest match to what it is that you are searching for! If we can’t find it on the MLS we go out and door knock in neighborhood looking for new listings that might be a match for you! We go the extra mile!

The key in buying is to realize that your profit is made on the purchase, not on the sale! If you don’t buy right, it just makes selling that much more difficult! Most people don’t realize this and remember that you really need an active, experienced and aggressive negotiator on your side of the table to get you not only the best possible price but also terms!  If you don’t understand please call us at 805-473-0300 and we would be glad to explain the process to you in detail.

We focus on every aspect of the purchase, from making sure you are educated to help find the best possible area for your needs. Getting pre-Qualified with a Veteran Loan Officer so that we can maximize your buying power and again getting the best possible rate and terms! Making sure you get a home inspection and maximize your request and repairs to begin your home ownership on the right foot! Verifying that all the disclosures and disclaimers are provided so you are an informed buyer!


Almost every buyer today researches the internet for their purchase
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but how do you select an Agent or Broker that will do a good job?


A Few Questions to ask:

1.)  Are you a Full Time Agent?

2.)  Are you a Buyers Agent or Sellers Agent?

3.)  What training have you had in Negotiating, Sales and Contracts?

4.)  How well do you know the area I am looking in?

5.)  What do feel is the Agents greatest strength?

A few things to Observe:

1.)  Does the Agent talk about themselves?

2.)  Is the Agent focused on what you want?

3.)  How well is the Agent listening to you?

4.)  Do you feel the Agent is sincere?

5.)  Are they organized and professional?

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