Wicks Street Short Sale – Bank of America Loan

by kevinjones on September 14, 2012

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Realty Professionals  805-474-7040.  Wicks Street Short Sale – Bank of America Loan.  This will provide for your 24 hour access and Short Sale Update for the process of the Wicks Street property:  Included here will be information that will be logged and updated daily as there are changes for this short sale progress.  Most of your questions and concerns will be answered here.  If you follow this link you should be updated as much as the listing agent is on this file.  At any time that you have any questions or concerns please contact your representative immediately.  Remember that Short Sales are different than a Traditional or Standard sale in the sense the we are dealing with other entities, some of which may include a bank, a servicing company, investor or investors, private parties, corporations, insurance companies, trusts, etc. and more so than not, a Short Sale typically takes longer than a regular or standard sale where you only have a buyer and seller.  Please be patient with the process as we the agents are working our tails off and it requires us Much more work than a Tradition transaction.  We will commit to you that we will work diligently, blood, sweat and tears if it requires it … to get this transaction completed for you … all we ask in return is for you to be as committed to this transaction as we are!  Thank you in advance for your patience and understand throughout this wonderful opportunity … the Realty Professionals Team.

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This property has been listed for sale, we have offers and have initiated the Short Sale process via the Equator system.  Below you will be able to see, monitor and track the process:

9/14/2012 – Short Sale request via Equator
9/21/2012 – Equator request for offers and documentation, offers, property, buyer & seller documentation entered, Negotiator assigned (Nguyen).
9/24/2012 – Equator requested more seller docs today, Buyers Acknowledgement, SS Addendum, Licensee Cert, submitted same day, requested Valuation.
9/25/2012 – Equator requested new updated SS Third Party Authorization (New  form), submitted same day.
9/26/2012 – Equator requested more seller docs today, 4506t, Tax Returns, Hardship Letter, Finance Worksheet, W2′s, etc. submitted same day, requested Valuation, assignment of new Negotiator (Glenn).
10/3/2012 – Equator sent counter offer.  Counter offer sent to Buyers Agent.
10/4/2012 – Buyer to walk through property again before final Counter Offer, also received another Offer over previous offer.
10/5/2012 – Agent sent Counter Offer, luckily above other Cash Offer, Submitted to Equator.
10/8/2012 – Equator, received Counter?
10/10/2012 – Equator, Need new HUD1, New Addendun, Tax returns, Paychecks, Bank Statements.  All submitted.
10/11/2012 – Equator, spent 58 minutes with Customer Service, Got issues ironed out.  Should have approval in the very near future and move to closing phase shortly.
10/12/2012 – Equator, now in QA (Qualifty Assurance) to submit Short Sale Package to investor for final approval.  We got notified that we are now in to Investor Approval!

At any time you have a question or concern please contact your representative immediately!  If you are a Buyer and have representation from another Agent, Broker or Brokerage you will need to contact them as they are your representative.  Thank you and we look forward closing this escrow with you.

Be advised that this property does have a non-cooperating tenant in the back and by Los Angeles Rent Control Laws we are limited in some of the process and loan programs, please do your research and understand your rights as a landlord in these areas.

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