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by kevinjones on June 6, 2006

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It’s All About YOU.   by Kevin Jones.   Why This Book Was Written.   This book was written as a guide for my three children!  Simple, easy notes to be drafted on a few short pages so they could have a brief reference guide in time of need.  When my wife was diagnosed with precancerous cells and had to have multiple procedures and operations it made me realize something very important.  Who would coach and guide my children if something were to happen to both my wife and I?  What advice would someone else give them?  Would it be the right advice?  Can they rely on someone else to really help them in time of need?
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During the times of doctors visits, hospital stays, taking care of my wife, I compiled all of my notes from the past twenty plus years and outlined a manuscript that would be something they would always be able to look back upon and deal with almost any situation in their life whether we were here for them or not.

As time went on, the manuscript got larger and larger, I began processing so much information that this hand written outline of notes became over a thousand pages!  I found myself having so much information that I wanted to share with my children, how would they ever find what they needed in any reasonable fashion?  So I did what I thought was the next logical solution, I separated the information into easy to find areas of life!
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This is the overview, a basic look at some of the topics, ideas and thoughts that will be discussed further and in more detail in subsequent books.  Make sure you utilize all the tools on the web site so that you may have the highest opportunity for the highest amount of success as quickly as possible with the least amount of resistance.

Remember, I have gone from homeless to a balanced life of abundance!  I have achieved many times over what I thought I ever could in less than 20 years from nothing to abundance.  Hopefully through these tools you may achieve your success a lot sooner, I know I would have shortened my learning curve tremendously!

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Shorten your learning curve and get the secrets to your success, order your copy today!

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