Why This Book is So Powerful!

by kevinjones on June 6, 2006

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It’s All About YOU!  by Kevin Jones.  Why This Book is So  Powerful.  This book is POWERFUL because it is by far the easiest book to understand how to get anything you want in your life.  You will learn about yourself, explore and grow as a person in any or every area of your life.  You will go on a journey that is designed by you, a journey that you control, a journey that only you can control through the simple steps of this book.  You will take yourself as far as you would like to go …
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When I began writing the manuscript my daughter was almost 10 years old.  I wrote the book with the hope and desire that she at that age would be able to have a compete comprehension of everything in the book.  Between the book, workbook and the web site, everything should be easy to understand.  If you need further help, contact us via the contact information link. The website has information on the  coaching, life and career management training and other tools that are being developed as you are reading this now!

Never before have you seen a book so simple to get anything you want in life.  All you need to do is read the book, work through the questions, use the workbook and utilize everything here to get to the next level!
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Lastly this book is SO POWERFUL because of one person … YOU!  This book is not a step by step guide telling you what to do … it is 100 times more powerful because it leads you to the results you want through the most important questions you could ask yourself to get to the nest level!  To add to all of this, the book written so that you could read it once a year and you will get more and more out of it each time you read it!

Order your copy today and begin your personal journey!

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