Why Grammar is Important in Real Estate

by kevinjones on April 24, 2014

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Why Grammar is Important.  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300  Grammar is very important and as Marketing Experts we understand that importance, especially when Meta Tags play an integral role with the searches today on the Web.  If your Grammar is not correct as it states in the article such as a “Walk In Closet” if the agent places “Walking Closet” the internet search will not find the appropriate search findings.  Now on the flip side as a Great Marketing person you should also include these in your tag base because maybe it will be searched this way by the buyer.

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Some of the Biggest Basic Grammar Mistakes are to, two and too, another is there they’re, your and you’re, there, they’re and their, Lose and Loose, Affect and Effect, through, thorough and thru.  Then there are the Agents that confuse the proper terminology of properties, such as the definition between a Living Room, Family Room, Great Room and a Den.  Some others would be a Master Bedroom, a Master Suite and a Master Retreat.  These are a few examples of why you need an Agent or Broker that really understands the proper terminology of our industry and the difference between Advertising and Marketing.

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