Weekly Training … 2012 … Week 8

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Discovering your WHY!

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Discover why you do what you do, realize what your true motivators are in life, understanding why you make the decisions you do, seeing what it will take to create a new why and design a compelling future that you will look forward to each day!

Discovering why you do what you do:

We will go through a very brief break down of your income and expenses.
a.) What is you total cost of living (expenses including, housing, taxes, insurance, cars,
credit, food, utilities, business, etc.) $ _____
b.) Any outside income (all sources, residual, trust, alimony, rent, investments, etc.) $ _____
c.) Subtract A from B $ _____

Your motivation is usually on survival mode, typically it is whatever “C” is. If you are at a positive on “C” most people would be extremely challenged to be motivated to earn more. By the same token it is a process to learn to “Think Bigger” and motivate yourself to have extra!

Take your average commission $ _____.
Divide this by “C” and that is usually about what the average agent sells. Most agents only make what it takes them to break even. If this is the case you are in need to “Think Bigger”!

What is it that you dream of, everybody has something … if I were to win the lottery I would buy or have _____! What is it? The great thing about Real Estate … it is just like the lottery! You have the ability to earn unlimited amounts of money if you will follow the systems we provide and actually do the work!

Why don’t most people do the work? Because it make them “Uncomfortable”. Well let me ask you this … if you don’t have enough money to pay your bills this month … would that make you feel “Uncomfortable”? Of course it would, so which is better, to feel uncomfortable with or without money? It might as well be with the money!

So the next question is what price will you have to pay and how much “Uncomfort” will you have to endure. What price am I willing to pay to become a better agent? And can I adjust to having more and being a better person serving people.

Many people struggle with the fact that they are actually winning in life! Throughout life we have to learn to deal with winning and losing … most of the time it feels much better to win, so learn to accept it, embrace it and live with it!

On the other side of the coin, we need to embrace losing and lose more often … why? Because if we are experts at losing, that means we are winning on a massive scale! We will need to continually identify why you lost and learn from the lesson!

When this is not a good thing is when we allow our ego to get in the way and we are doing everything to serve ourselves and not others. The minute we switch and unconditionally serve the client(s) everything changes and goes smoothly!

How do we increase our winning? Through qualifying, we need to spend much more time qualifying our clients as this is a Huge service to them as well so we do not waste their time! We have all the scripts and dialogs to qualify … now use them!

Winning can also be increased through effectiveness and efficiency. To increase in these areas we will need to spend more time learning how to do our jobs, how to get better at what we do and serve people at a much high level than our competitors.

Practice is something that every great athlete does, the old saying states that practice make perfect! The more we do something the more we are comfortable we become, the more we learn, the more we become the expert in this area and the better we can coach, lead and guide our clients to what it is that they want to achieve!

Knowledge = Confidence
Ignorance = Fear

Most of the people are looking for that “Magic Pill” … to win the lottery and make all their troubles go away! What is sad is that almost everyone that wins the lottery loses it all with a couple of years!

Here is the Secret:

It is all the little things we say and do each and everyday that make the biggest difference! Understanding that with the consistency of all the little things that make up all the big things! If you we to talk to 25 new people a day, working an average year of 220 work days you would have talked to 5,500 new people! Even at 1% return that would be 55 transactions!

Exercising … walking a mile a day … over a year that would be like walking from San Luis Obispo to San Diego! Could you imagine the possibilities at just doing a little each day!

The areas that experts say we need to begin with are:
a.) Exercise, Diet and Weight
b.) Cleanliness
c.) Finances

Lastly, not being attached to the outcome. This is not the same as expectation. You can have the expectation but also not being attached to the outcome. We are attached to an outcome when we do not have enough abundance in our lives. If you have only one escrow … you are devastated if it doesn’t close! If you have 10 in escrow and one falls out, it is not monumental loss!

Also when you have abundance and no attachment it enables you to think clearly, and negotiate much more effectively!

How to have a POWERFUL day:
a.) Show up
b.) Tell the Truth
c.) Don’t be attached to the outcome

This will also help you keep your emotions within the lines, many people allow their emotions to “Run Wild” and all that does is create havoc anywhere they go! An emotional roller coaster will burn through your energy quicker that running a marathon! Stay level, Stay Professional, do your clients a service by staying positive and productive at all times!

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