Weekly Training … 2012 … Week 7

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Weekly Training … 2012 … Week 7

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Questions we need to ask ourselves:
a.)  What is your goal for this year?
b.)  how many repeat and referral clients will we provide service for?
c.)  What is the difference between a & b in numbers.

The difference in A and B is the amount you have to be focused on helping New clients and customers achieve the American Dream!

So to do this there are three things agents do:
1.)  Wait for the business to come to them … which it rarely does!
2.)  Buy the business through advertising, discount commission, etc.
3.)  Earn the business by doing the daily activities during your prospecting time.

Why don’t agents do the activities they need to do to get to the next level?
a.)  Don’t know what to do
b.)  They have no direction
c.)  There is no accountability
d.)  Lazy, no drive and/or just want to get by

Why would it bother us when we see someone in control of their life.
Answer:  It would only bother us if we were not in control of our own lives.

If this bothers you … we need to work on getting you more control over your own life.

Why do most Real Estate companies measure their sales people based upon Gross Sales or Income?
Answer:  Because they are only concerned on how much money you are making them!

Here at Realty Professionals we are focused on the client first and how many great people we can help!  It does not matter whether you are helping a client with a $60k condo or a $600 Million Shopping center … it is all about the client and helping as many people as we can achieve the American Dream!

Building a Duplicatable and Predictable business:
1.)  Building a high repeat and referral business
2.)  Do not get or become emotionally attached to the outcome of the deal. (Allows you to stay more focused)
3.)  More time qualifying and serving the client instead of building the relationship
4.)  Relationships will be built throughout the deal and after you help them to succeed in buying, selling or both

Things we need to learn and understand:
1.)  Attitude: what are the changes required in our attitude regarding in learning and adapting new skills and techniques
2.)  Approach: it is our approach that is responsible for our results
3.)  Expectation: what are our expectations of ourselves, our vendors, our team, our company and our clients
4.)  Goals: are our goals and commitments clearly defined and are they specific enough
5.)  Skills: are we practicing, learning and/or teaching our skill set each and every day
6.)  Emotions: are we keeping our emotions in check

These are just some of the tips and techniques we will be working on this year building a predictable and duplicatable business.

Discipline … many times a word, topic or area that we like to avoid.
food for thought:  ”Discipline is our Freedom”

Through Discipline we can:
a.) keep our attitude on track
b.) keep our approach clear and distinct
c.) keep our expectations at our highest level
d.) to achieve the goals we set for ourselves
e.) to keep honing and learning the skills
f.) to keep emotions in check
g.) remain at a predictable business level
h.) to continue doing the duplicatable business activities

What separates you from the crowd?  ans.  It should be your daily discipline.

What is your COMMITMENT?

what is your attitude towards commitment?
how do you approach commitment?
what is your expectation of commitment?
how do you see your goals in relation to commitment?
what do skills have to do with commitment?
how do my emotions have anything to do with commitment?

Everyday I am going to have to decide if I am willing to do what it takes to be successful in this business.

“Am I going to do what it takes today”
the days you say yes must outweigh the days you say no to be successful!

The days that I say no … I must ask myself  ”Why Not” ?

How do I motivate myself?
1.)  You have to set goals that are yours, that are important to you.
2.) Setting goals that will get you enthusiastic and excited.
3.) You have to keep those goals in front of you and read them all the time.

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