Weekly Agent Training … 2012 … Week 6

by kevinjones on February 4, 2012

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Weekly Agent Training … Week 6

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Are you committed to doing what you have always done … or … are you committed to change, increased production and moving forward financially.

Low producers become comfortable with a little bit, Top Producers are not comfortable with a lot!

Here are a few great questions to ask yourself:

What is my Job as a Real Estate Salesperson?
Answer: To list and sell properties on a regular basis.

What do the Sellers think my Job is?
Answer: Sell the property as soon as possible at the highest price and close the deal.

What is the definition of Service?
Buyer Answer: Find the property they want and sell it to them.
Seller Answer: Sell the property as quickly and with the least amount of inconvenience to them.

What is the Job of a Salesperson?
Answer:  A person who has learned the sales process, continues to learn and practice the art of selling.

What is your attitude towards the word selling?
1.)  Do I consider myself a Salesperson or Realtor?
2.)  How are you perceived by your clients, community and peers?
3.)  How much do you really know about the Selling Process?
4.)  Do I know as much as I should about this process?
5.)  Is there a conflict between what a Buyer/Seller wants vs. what the Agent wants?

Every time you take a listing you need to ask yourself this:
Are you taking the Listing to have the listing or are we taking the listing because we know we can sell it?

What are your Business Commitments?  Are you committed to :
1.)   Being a Real Estate Professional
2.)  Changing Habits to become better each day
3.)  Increasing our production to serve our clients better each day
4.)  Moving away from our Traditional way of doing things
5.)  Learning more about ourselves and the business each day

Here are Five Major Issues that many Real Estate Agents face:
1.)  Agents think too small
2.)  Suffer from Complacency
3.)  Poor Management
4.)  No one  holds them Accountable
5.)  Changing their Attitude soon enough

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