Weekly Agent Training … 2012 … Week 5

by kevinjones on January 27, 2012

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Things we need to do Daily to succeed in this changing Real Estate market!

1.)  Get up each day with a good attitude
2.)  Solidify our Basic Goals
3.)  Continue to build on a Good Foundation
4.)  Develop Good Sales Techniques for the Current Market

We are in a New environment … so we need to devise and take advantage of new techniques that will enable us to provide the highest level of service to our clients to build our “Clients for Life” program.

A couple of questions to ask yourself …

1.)  What is your attitude towards the Real Estate market today?
2.) What are the changes that are taking place today in our Real Estate Business?

What are the Dynamics of Change?
How well do you change?
Do you have a positive attitude towards change?
How do you view changes?

Are you prepared to make the necessary change to survive the next 18-24 months of this business?
1.)  Changes to your approach and selling style for today’s market and environment.
2.)  Basic skill building and accountability for you business activities
a.) Developing and monitoring your schedule and activities
b.) Finding buyers and sellers that need your service
c.) Designing a Follow up system that allows you to provide the highest level of service
d.) Mastering your presentation skills, over the phone and in person
e.) Negotiating contracts, understanding the clients needs, wants, desires comparative to the market.

Today … Challenge of Change is combined with the challenge of Economic variations and fluctuations.

Also today we have the Challenge of Competition being higher now than ever before!  There is a larger group of agents that are securing and doing more and more volume of the business … the question is are you prepared to join this group … it will be Physically, Mentally and Emotionally challenging.

We need to do 3 Primary things:
1.) Update and Improve Sales Skills
2.) Simplify our Daily Activity
3.) Define and make our Goals/Objectives more specific

This can be done in these 5 simple steps:
1.) Motivation … the personal and internal ability to do our job regardless of anything else going on.
2.) Skills … learning to become better at everything we do … everyday
3.) Stress … we need to eat right, exercise often and be in the right mindset
4.) Business … earn our way through providing the best possible service
5.) Finance … taking care of our clients financial interests and our own

Keeping things simple … many agents over complicate the business to “Justify” the time they spend vs. the money that they earn.

Knowing that you deserve the money you receive in commission for the valuable service you provide.

What is your job as a Real Estate Professional?
1.) Learn as much as you can everyday
2.) Grow as quickly as possible
3.) Think about what you are saying and doing
4.) Move away from Non-Productive habits
5.) Set Higher Standards and Goals for yourself

Be open to the Opportunity and Possibility.

These items we will work on everyday for the rest of your Real Estate career!

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