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Realty Professionals  805-474-7040  Think Right Towards People.  The basic rule for winning success: Success depends on the support of other people. Such that an executive depends on people to carry out his instructions, if instructions are not carried out the executive is fired, not the employees. Today, subordinates either support you willingly or don’t support you at all. To achieve the success you want requires support from other people and acceptance of my leadership.

Magic of Thinking Big Think Right Toward People

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For that support, and acceptance you need to Think Right toward People. Work very hard so that you’re not considered the type who doesn’t get along well with people. A “likability” factor is generally the first thing mentioned about other people, and it has a large weighting factor. The likability factor carries weight as in “Will he fit in?”. “Will he cooperate with others on the staff?”. A person is not pulled up to a higher level job, rather he is lifted up.

We are lifted to higher levels by those who know us as likable, personable individuals. Every friend you make lifts us one notch higher, and being likable makes you lighter to lift. Successful people follow a plan for liking people. Although scarcely discussed, the top echelon of people have a clear, definite, even a written plan for liking people.

The late president Lyndon Johnson developed his own 10 point formula for success of personal persuasion:

  1. Learn to remember names: Lack of this astute power may indicate in insufficient outgoing personality.
  2. Be a comfortable person: There shouldn’t be any strain in being with you.
  3. Don’t let things ruffle you: Be known as having the quality of being relaxed and easy-going.
  4. Keep your ego out of it: Don’t be a know it all.
  5. Be interesting: Allow people to gain something of value from their association with you.
  6. Let’s keep “scratchy” elements out of your personality: These may be unconscious to you.
  7. Don’t hold grudges: Sincerely attempt to heal, release, and drain off grievances from the past.
  8. Practice liking people: Until you learn to do so genuinely.
  9. ALWAYS take an opportunity to congratulate someone’s achievement, or express sympathy, sorrow, or disappointment.
  10. Give genuine spiritual strength to people, and they will return affection to you.

Adopting and using these 10 rules can make you easier to lift. Reviewing these rules indicate all actions are done from your point of view, and you’re not expecting others to put in any effort. Industry’s top leaders are human, warm, and specialize in being likable. They don’t try to buy friendship; it’s not for sale. When giving gifts be certain the gift is backed up with genuine sincerity, and liking to give to the person who is the receiver. Without real sincerity, gifts are often regarded as a simple payoff, or bribe.

Friendships cannot be bought, and when we try we waste money; and we create contempt. Always take the initiative and building friendships as top leaders always do. Never take the position “Let them call us”, “Let him make the first move”, etc. Although it’s too easy to ignore other people it isn’t right-thinking toward people. Waiting for others to build a foundation for friendship may make you lonely. Study this next time in a large group: the most important person present is the most active in introducing himself. In effect, the reason this person is important is because he works at building friendships.

Think right toward people. Imagine that you may not be important to the other person, but they’re important to you. When you make a pleasant remark to a stranger you make them feel one degree better. In return this makes you feel better and helps you relax. Saying something pleasant to another person compensates you: like warming up your car on a cold morning. The following six techniques allow you to win friends using a little initiative:

  1. Introduce yourself to others at every possible opportunity: Parties, meetings, on airplanes, at work, everywhere.
  2. Be sure the other person gets your name straight.
  3. Be sure you can pronounce the other person’s name the way he or she pronounces.
  4. Write down the other person’s name being certain spell it correctly. If possible get their e-mail and phone number.
  5. Send a personal e-mail, or make a phone call to the new friends you feel you ought to know better. Most successful people follow through on new friends.
  6. Say pleasant things to strangers. It warms you up and gets you ready for the tasks ahead.

Utilizing the six rules is really Thinking Right About People, and be sure it is not the way the average person thinks. Average people never take the initiative to make introductions be like the top people and go out of their way to meet people. Don’t be afraid to be unusual, and don’t be timid. Find out who the other person is and be sure he knows who you are.

Other good traits to think right toward people:

  1. Recognize the fact that no person is perfect: Although some humans are better than others, no one is absolutely perfect and we all make mistakes of every kind.
  2. Recognize the fact that the other person has a right to be different: Don’t dislike people because their habits are different from my own, whether taste and clothes, religion, parties, or automobiles. Although I don’t have to approve of what others do, I should not dislike them for doing it.
  3. Don’t be a reformer: Put more live-and-let-live into my philosophy. Sellers and FSBOs among others dislike being told you’re wrong. They have the right to their own opinion, and so do I. It’s generally better for me to keep my opinion to myself.

Apply these principles over the course of the next few months will provide a fresh outlook and Think Right Toward People. Accept people for what they are “not perfect“. If everyone was the same, the world would be very boring. By managing our thinking properly, we Think Right Toward People. We can find many qualities to like and admire in the same person.

Of course there are two ways to review information, or people; Positive or Negative. Be certain to focus on the positive. Whether positive or negative, a whole chain of events is set off of similar thinking. Stay focused on the positive. When talking with others, they sometimes have a measure of control over how I think. I must remember most people don’t understand the concept of Thinking Right Towards People.  Avoid negative conversations about others, or their situations.

Thoughts multiply, so keep everything on the positive side. One way to stop a negative conversation is simply to interrupt with “pardon me, but while I think of it…”, Or excuse yourself to leave for a meeting as being late. After mastering the technique of thinking only good thoughts about people, greater success is guaranteed. In thinking right toward people, treat clients like guests in your home. Give First-Class treatment to your employees, Associates, and those around you including your loved ones, and you’ll receive First-Class results in return. In Thinking Right Toward People you put a positive result on liking and respecting people.

In conversations, the person who does the most talking, and the person who is the most successful are rarely the same person. Practice Conversation Generosity and encourage other people to talk about themselves, their views and accomplishments, family, job, and problems. Conversation Generosity wins friends, and helps you learn more about other people. Conversation Generosity is the easiest, simplest, and surest way to win a friend.

Especially in sales, the more we can learn about others, their thought processes, their strong and weak points, why they do what they do, the better equipped we are to influence them effectively in the way we want to. Listening pays off: Be a good listener in sales and ask great questions leading to a desired answer. Don’t be a conversation hog: listen, win friends, and learn. Courtesy practiced in every relationship with another person is the finest tranquilizer you can use.

Thinking Right Toward People removes frustrations and stress. One of the largest causes of stress is negative feelings toward other people. Thinking positively allows you to discover how wonderful this world is. When things don’t go exactly the way we want, remember this; how we think when we lose, determines how long it will be until we win. Never think yourself a martyr, a victim of office politics, of prejudice, of bad judgment on the point of others. Think instead “What can I do to make myself deserving of the next opportunity?” Never get angry with yourself for losing and never waste any time berating yourself. When things go wrong, just do the following:

  1. Ask yourself “What can I do to make myself more deserving of the next opportunity?”.
  2. Don’t waste time and energy being discouraged. Don’t berate yourself. Plan to win the next time.
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