The Ultimate Test

by kevinjones on April 23, 2012

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There are times in our lives that we are put to our Ultimate test … tested on every level that we can experience as a being … to extent where it truly seems unfair.  Have you ever been pushed beyond what you thought your limits were? At this point in life we choose … the choice of building character and becoming a better and stronger person or allowing life to beat us break us down.  It takes more energy to allow it to break us down because we get stuck in this negative rut, the hole keeps getting deeper and deeper and it is harder and harder to get out!  No matter where you are at or how deep the hole is … make a stand right now, this very instance and take charge of your own situation.  You are the master of your own mind, you ultimately make the decision for yourself … what will it be?  make the choice to become that special someone who everyone looks up to and admires because of who you are as a person, your character is strong, bold and allows nothing to get you down!  We all have it in us, we all can do it, be your own super hero to yourself … the ultimate question is … how bad do you want it?  I believe in you as a person … that you can and will do it!  Have a POWERFUL and PRODUCTIVE day!

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