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by kevinjones March 7, 2012 Thought of the Day

If a “Belief” is only a “Strong Emotion” or an “Emotional State of Certainty” … that means it can be changed at any time … IF we want it to.  How can this change?  With new facts or information.  Are you open to the Opportunity and Possibility of new Beliefs?  I believe that everyone can …

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Deal of the Month … January 2012

by kevinjones January 1, 2012 Deal Of The Month

Deal of the month goes to this amazing Estate on 1.6 acres, newer construction in 2004, updated and upgraded again in 2007.  Lower level floors are all 18 inch Travertine, highlighted with bold base boards and crown moldings, rooms lit with recessed lighting throughout.  The massive amounts of granite are a work of art in …

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