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Real Estate Boob Jobs

by kevinjones August 2, 2013 Latest News

Real Estate Boob Jobs.  Realty Professionals 805-473-0300.  A relatively new terminology in the Real Estate world … call the Real Estate Boob Job!  In a nut shell it is house or home that has had some renovation(s) that don’t match the rest of the home.  Here are a few examples:  A simple traditional home with …

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How Much Paperwork

by kevinjones July 9, 2013 Latest News

How much paperwork is required to Buy or Sell a Home today?  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300.  So how much paperwork is really required today when you buy or sell a home?  Well about 30 years ago the Purchase Contract was only 1 page, today the Contract is 8 pages plus the Agency form which is two …

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