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Wells Fargo Short Sales

by kevinjones September 13, 2012 Short Sales

Realty Professionals  805-474-7040  Wells Fargo Short Sale program on the fast track.  We can help you out of the problem of owing too much money and have the need to sell your home today when it is not worth what you owe on the property.  Kevin Jones is a Seasoned Real Estate Professional with a …

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A New Day

by kevinjones June 29, 2012 Thought of the Day

A New Day.  We are Blessed with a new day, to do with anyway we choose.  What will be your choice?  Every minute, actually every second, we make a mental decision of how we allow our inner self to be.  Are you excited and enthusiastic about today or dreading getting up and facing the day? …

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Dream Board or Vision Board

by kevinjones June 27, 2012 Latest News

What is a Vision or Dream Board?  What should be included in a Dream Board or Vision Board?  Why is a Dream Board important?  These are very important questions if you are considering getting to the next level and want to build a Vision or Dream Board.  A Dream Board is exactly that, a board that …

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The Ultimate Test

by kevinjones April 23, 2012 Latest News

There are times in our lives that we are put to our Ultimate test … tested on every level that we can experience as a being … to extent where it truly seems unfair.  Have you ever been pushed beyond what you thought your limits were? At this point in life we choose … the …

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