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Commercial Space LEASED!

by kevinjones November 18, 2014 Latest News

775 West Grand Ave Unit “A” Commercial Space LEASED by Realty Professionals  805-473-0300.  Are you having trouble finding a space to Lease or getting your property Leased?  Call a Professional … Call Kevin Jones today at Realty Professionals to get the best results at 805-473-0300.  This space had multiple applicants, leased at Full Price and …

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Rusty Hummer

by kevinjones October 28, 2013 Rusty Hummer

RustyHummer.com    805-473-0300   If you see a Rusty Hummer  Running around it is more than likely Kevin Jones with Realty Professionals, it is not only a daily driver but a necessary tool in his Real Estate business.  Showing out of the way properties on dirt roads, past stream crossings and showing his ocean front listings …

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Make Me Feel Important

by kevinjones May 15, 2012 Master Mind Groups

Mike Ferry Master Mind Group, Topic: Make Me Feel Important.   Mike stated to look at everyone like they had 4 letters stamped on their forehead:  MMFI.  This acronym MMFI means: Make Me Feel Important!  You can’t be at your highest level of service if you are not making the other person feel important!   Lets explore …

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