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Coffee or Tea … It’s on me!

by kevinjones April 13, 2015 Coffee or Tea

Coffee or Tea, it’s on me   Realty Professionals  805-473-0300

Coffee or Tea 805-473-0300









Coffee or Tea its on me is a way Kevin Jones likes to extend an invitation to discuss real estate related items in a friendly neutral environment so that you, the client are comfortable.  Whether it is an …

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We get what we put into it

by kevinjones April 8, 2014 Kevin Jones

We get what we put into it.  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300.   In life we don;t always know exactly where we are going, where we will get taken or what will be put in front of us at any given time.  Life can change in an instant and that is why we need to make every …

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Search By City

by kevinjones May 30, 2013 Search Homes By City

Search Property By City.  Realty Professionals  805-474-7040.  Here is the easiest way to conduct a search that you would like to see by City.  Below are all the Cities that are recognized by the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for San Luis Obispo County.  The Cities are in Alphabetical order and can be accessed simply by …

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San Luis Obispo Contacts

by kevinjones October 14, 2012 Tips

Realty Professionals  805-474-7040   San Luis Obispo Services.  Here is a list of San Luis Obispo Service providers throughout the entire San Luis Obispo County.  From North County to South County this is intended to be the most comprehensive list available for all service providers to new and existing homeowners alike.  If there is a …

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Loan Modification Scams

by kevinjones December 28, 2011 Tips

Realty Professionals  855-955-SOLD (7653)

Realty Professionals 855-955-SOLD (7653)

Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous con artists trying to take advantage of unknowing, financially troubled home owners.  These scammers usually promise mortgage loan modifications or reduced monthly payments for upfront fees.  In most case, charging upfront fees or payments for these services is illegal.

Realty Professionals 855-955-SOLD (7653)


According …

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