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Good Intentions

by kevinjones May 17, 2012 Thought of the Day

I think that virtually everyone has good intentions … then why do some people have continued success in everything they do while others seem to just never get anything to come together?  Is it that some people just don’t know what to do?  Is it that they don’t know how to do it?  Could it …

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by kevinjones April 11, 2012 Latest News

What is a Contingency?  How does it work?  Why is it so important?  A contingency is a “Condition” built within a contract such as a Real Estate Purchase Agreement that must be met before a contract is legal and binding.  This is very important to have an experienced agent that knows how long you will …

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by kevinjones April 10, 2012 Real Estate Terminology

What is an Appraisal?  It is usually defined as a written justification of Fair Market Value, in Real Estate it would be the analysis of other properties that are for sale, in escrow and have sold recently within a specified area.  An appraisal is only an opinion based upon a neutral third party and their knowledge, experience …

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Previously Expired … Now In Escrow

by kevinjones February 6, 2012 Expired Listing

Realty professionals  805-474-7040

Realty Professionals does it again!  This previously “Unsold” home is “In Escrow”!   Kevin Jones at Realty Professionals has a proven track record of selling previously Unsold homes through his Innovative and Aggressive Sales Tactics and Techniques!  As simple as they are, Kevin attributes his success ratio … which is in the 99 …

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Thought of the day … Stress

by kevinjones February 2, 2012 Thought of the Day

There are days that just are overwhelming … how do we create that Peace Inside again? What works for most people is to take a break, go to a quiet and peaceful setting and relax (or learn to block your surrounding out), think of good thoughts, think back to some of your happiest memories, day …

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Meet Kevin Jones, Broker/Owner

by admin December 16, 2011 Our Agents

Realty Professionals
Kevin Jones, Broker

Realty Professionals 805-473-0300







It is my mission to develop a Real Estate company that has agents that far exceed the industry standard.  To bring an Agent or Broker into our company and train them well beyond what they will experience any where else.  An agent or broker that will put your needs …

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