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Real Estate Boob Jobs

by kevinjones August 2, 2013 Latest News

Real Estate Boob Jobs.  Realty Professionals 805-473-0300.  A relatively new terminology in the Real Estate world … call the Real Estate Boob Job!  In a nut shell it is house or home that has had some renovation(s) that don’t match the rest of the home.  Here are a few examples:  A simple traditional home with …

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How Much Paperwork

by kevinjones July 9, 2013 Latest News

How much paperwork is required to Buy or Sell a Home today?  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300.  So how much paperwork is really required today when you buy or sell a home?  Well about 30 years ago the Purchase Contract was only 1 page, today the Contract is 8 pages plus the Agency form which is two …

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Palatial Estate

by kevinjones February 10, 2013 Real Estate Terminology

Palatial Estate  Realty Professionals  805-474-7040.   What is a Palatial Estate?  I had a client ask me to describe a Palatial Estate … so what type of style is it?  Palatial comes from the word Palace, meaning a large, splendid house or the home of a dignitary.  Estate meaning an amount of land or property …

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Pismo Beach – Shell Beach

by kevinjones August 20, 2012 Pismo Beach Real Estate

Realty Professionals  805-474-7040.  Shell Beach is an amazing place, we spent about an hour yesterday watching the Pelicans feed just off shore from what is known as the Palisades.   We watched this amazing feat from the Palisades Bluff Walkway off of Highway 1 Pacific Coast Highway or PCH.  Others have said that they have …

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