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California Probate Timeline

by kevinjones September 9, 2015 Probate/Trusts

California Probate Timeline  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300  The California Real Estate Probate process may seem very complicated but here at Realty Professionals we will make it easy for you, we will be compassionate and sensitive to your situation.  We know that this can be emotional and stressful so that is why we do everything we can to …

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Palatial Estate

by kevinjones February 10, 2013 Real Estate Terminology

Palatial Estate  Realty Professionals  805-474-7040.   What is a Palatial Estate?  I had a client ask me to describe a Palatial Estate … so what type of style is it?  Palatial comes from the word Palace, meaning a large, splendid house or the home of a dignitary.  Estate meaning an amount of land or property …

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