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Drivers Seat

by kevinjones July 20, 2012 Latest News

Each and every day that we wake up we are in our own “Drivers Seat”, given the opportunity to “Navigate” our way around this crazy game we call life.  Over 95% of people wander aimlessly without direction, no map and with no written end result or destination.  It’s like wanting to go to Hawaii for …

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The Magic Pill

by kevinjones May 8, 2012 Thought of the Day

The Magic Pill … it seems that many people are looking for that Magic Pill, the Magic Elixir or the Easy way of doing something.  I am sorry to say that there is NO Quick Fix, NO Scheme and NO Easy way of accomplishing the most out of life!  The only Magic Pill is Consistent …

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Short Sale Update

by kevinjones May 8, 2012 How's The Market

Short Sales … I have been getting a lot of questions about Short Sales lately … are they good?  are they bad?  can a get a better deal on a short sale?  Well here is a brief explanation or my opinion about short sales.  Short Sales are the least productive activity you can do as …

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