Shipping Container Homes

by kevinjones on November 27, 2013

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Shipping Container Homes.  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300  It is a very interesting concept to take something that would be otherwise scraped to be able to turn this structure or several into living quarters!  Really if you think about it … its similar to growing up with Lego’s and using these containers as building blocks to create something very original and unique!  Below are several videos of different styles, uses and configurations … you can spend days looking at all the various videos and web pages on these unique approaches to having a home, cabin or even an office made from these storage containers that have been all over the world!  For more information regarding California Real Estate call today 805-473-0300.

Shipping Container home Cabin 2 300x201 Shipping Container Homes

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Shipping Container home Inside 300x199 Shipping Container Homes

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Here are a few links to some homes that have been made from shipping containers:  Here is an example of 15 Homes built from shipping containers, Even Starbucks has a location built from Shipping containers!  Clever container house in the Redwoods  Interesting container home build Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Here is a Foldable Shelter built from a container    Five thousand square foot Barn built from Four containers  Firefighting Training facility made from storage containers   A few More Container Structures and more container homes.

Here is a link to how the containers are made:  How shipping containers are made

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