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Rusty Hummer by Kevin Jones at Realty Professionals  805-473-0300   After our 2001 Ocean Blue Wagon was deemed totaled, and believe me I did everything I could to save it, knowing what I know today, I could have and should have bought it back from the insurance.  Hind sight is always 20-20.  We were at my wife’s cousins wedding reception about a month later and my cell phone rang, it was a guy that had a 1994 four door hard top listed for sale and I excused myself from the reception and negotiated the deal to be picked up the following weekend.  This truck was located just outside Salt Lake City Utah, so another road trip was in order!  This truck had a Whipple SuperCharger on the 6.5L Diesel engine, which later proved to be amazing power but not very good on mileage for a daily driver for a Real Estate agent!

Psycko Dawg 001 300x225 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300

Did a lot of clean up and additions to the 1994, being in Salt Lake City it acquired a lot of  corrosion, virtually every connector on the truck had to be completely cleaned or replaced on the truck.  Preparing for a Rubicon trip I rented a shop and a Hummer mechanic and I went through the entire suspension in a week, replacing virtually all the components that moved!  Ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, pitman arm, idler arms, etc., changed all the fluids, glad I did the geared hubs had some pretty funky gunk in them!  We did a fair amount of wheeling in this truck and it was a great runner, it was just not the most efficient on fuel with that Whipple Supercharger.  It was amazingly fast, almost scary fast for that large of a vehicle!  

Red 94 Supercharged 2N17X 2 300x225 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300

Sold the 1994 about a year later and found a 1992 Limited Edition Wagon “Nikki’s Nemesis” I think it was number 167 if I remember correctly.  They were numbered and named by their first owner with a placard on the interior.  This was a 6.2L with the 3 speed transmission (3L80) so the freeway speeds were 60 mph tops!  We added a Predator Roof Rack, tire carrier and 2001 rims to the rig, CB and a few other minor additions to make this rig look great.  The previous owner had painted the truck from the original tan to a Charcoal or Gun Metal gray which looked nice but was not a great paint job.

H1 1 a 300x225 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300 

The 1992 found its home in Florida and shipped it off and shortly after found my current truck, a 1994 Open Top.  The 1994 and 1995′s were amazing because 1994 was the first year of the 6.5L NA (Normally aspirated – Non Turbo) with the 4 speed (4L80) and everything was still mechanical all the way down to no anti-lock brakes!  The only computer is for the transmission so that makes for a nice truck that will have the least amount of problems electronically!  This 1994 was living the life in Arizona as a Tour truck in Scottsdale with Desert Storm Hummer Tours as an 11 seat tour truck.

92 Hummer H1 167 7 300x240 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300
After the deal was done, I asked my son which was 18 at the time, you want to drive her home?  Heck Yeah he said!  It was a long drive, right at 400 miles and it took us about 9 hours total with stops, for breaks and chow.  We were happy to be home and my son had a blast driving, so much so he got fixated on getting his own H1!  He had already wanted one but I think that was what put him over the top!  After driving around for a couple of days as an 11 seater, I tore her down, cut her apart and fabricated a roll cage similar to the factory but a little more sturdy and more structurally sound with gussets  and reinforcements.  After the cage was done Sure-Fit in Burbank made a custom one off top for the truck which has held up well, six years now and still in great condition!
94 Tour Truck 300x225 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300

After moving to Pismo Beach the truck was stolen, taken out in the dunes and wrecked!  I was without the truck for almost 6 months while Tustin Hummer and the insurance battled it out.  Allstate insurance was great, but it was a lengthy process as they were not used to this type of vehicle and don’t get much claims on them.  There was about $12,000 worth of damage and we got all the mechanical repairs done so that I could pick the vehicle up.  Due to the length of time gone I opted not to get it painted partly because I wanted to change the Red to Ocean Blue and that would have been another month without the truck.

In 2013 I had the Hummer painted a very off the wall and unique color, rust!  It is perfect living here at the beach, people know it as the “Rusty Hummer”.  We use the truck as a daily driver for our Real Estate company “Realty Professionals” located at 775 West Grand Ave in Grover Beach, Ca. where we handle Residential, Income and Commercial properties both sales and leases.

IMG 6430 a 300x179 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2

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Recently we purchased a Wagon top for the Hummer that will eventually be mounted so that it can easily be removed so that the truck can maintain its Open Top status quickly for those amazing days here on the Central Coast!

Hummer Wagon Top Delivery 3b 300x169 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300

We are asked to be in Parades and help out in many different charity events are glad to do so!  Here is an appearance at the Arroyo Grande Harvest Parade in 2014.

AG Harvest Parade 2014 300x168 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2
Realty Professionals 805-473-0300

Long and hard task of finding 4 X doors from the HMMWV of Humvee finally arrived!  These are composite doors, our soldiers were sent over seas to fight with these, might as well of sent them in a Corvette!  Great thing for this truck is the doors are much lighter than steel doors!  Sitting next to it are 2 Piece Hummer Rims that are Powder Coated ready for assembly!

HMMWV X Doors 300x169 Rusty Hummer Evolution 2

Realty Professionals 805-473-0300

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