Need, Want, Desire and Intend Mindset

by kevinjones on November 2, 2012

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Realty Professionals  805-474-7040  Developing the Need, Want, desire and Intend Mindset.  by Kevin Jones.  We all have the basic “Need” to survive, this is an animalistic trait we all have built into our DNA.  Beyond that is the “Need” to meet certain basic expectations such as our commitments like bills, rent, mortgage, car payment, credit cards, etc.  This is a barely get by approach to Motivation.  Now there are the wants, we “Want” a better car, a better home, nicer things, we “Want” to become a better person, have more money in the bank, go to exotic places and so on.  They key here is how bad do you want it?

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This is where “Desire” kicks in.  It is natural to Dream of Bigger and Better things, it is natural to Dream of all these great things to have and to experience in life.  But how do we really make these things happen?  Well, lets ask ourselves this simple question: Do you “Intend” to have these things?  Lets take an example.  You have been dreaming of a new car, lets say a Red Sports car.  How long have you been thinking of and dreaming about this Red Sports car?  For many people, since they were little.  Why hasn’t it happened yet?  They honestly and truly never “Intended” on having it.

That’s doesn’t seem like a fair statement, they have been dreaming of this Red Sports car since they were 5 years old.  Yes, but until you learn the simple “Art of Intention” your Dreams will never become your Reality.  Once you change your Mindset from “Dreaming” to “Intending” you switch from “That would be cool someday” to the evolution of: “I want the Red Sports car” then  ”I intend to have the Red Sports car” to “The Red Sports car is on it’s way to me right now”.  The key to having this Red Sports car is to do the activities that are required to purchase this item, work diligently, save money and plan on having this item within a specified amount of time.

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Using this “Intention” based logic will work in any area of your life.  Again the simple key is to write it down, read it several times a day, understand what it is you want to achieve and the real “Why” behind the achievement.  Once you understand the “Why” you can then from the depths within you believe with all of your spirit that you will have and deserve this/these achievements.  In any sport the player must keep his eye on the ball (or target), the more intense you can focus on the ball, the more likely you will score!

Kevin Jones, a published author as well as Broker and Owner at Realty Professionals specializes in serving his clients on the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo County) with his Pismo Beach Real Estate office and Los Angeles County in his Burbank office.  If you are looking for Commercial property, Income properties such as Apartment buildings or need help with your single family residence Kevin Jones and Realty Professionals can help coach, lead and guide you through this journey of the American Dream.

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