Los Osos Waste Water Collection System 2012

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Los Osos Wastewater Collection System information from Realty Professionals 805-474-7040.   We have a couple of clients that have been told by various sources all different information on the Los Osos Sewer Project.  From only having to pay a few hundred dollars a month for a year or two on the light side and $40,000 assessment up front on the other spectrum.  So I called the City and got the skinny on this matter so that we could all get the proper information.  So whether you are planning on Buying, Selling or just want to be informed here is the info with links that either have the information or links, phone numbers or where you can verify or get more detailed information so that you can be fully aware of the scope in wish you want to be enlightened on this topic.

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The majority of the homes in Los Osos will be assessed $24,900 in liens to the property with the exception of some homes that are in a Community Septic area and they will only be assessed $14,000 in liens.  These liens will be collected over a period of 40 years and do include interest in the payments.  There are two loans, one from the USDA for 40 years at 3% and one for 30 years at 2% that is State Funded.  This brings the yearly assessment to approximately $1,800 per year after principle and interest.  The City has voted and passed that this assessment will be placed as a lien against each property and paid through the property taxes either one a year or twice a year depending on how you pay your taxes.  If you pay your taxes in two installments it is approximately $900 extra each bill or around $150 per month extra if you pay monthly in an impound account.  After the 30 years the one loan will be paid and the yearly payment should go down to about $1,500 a year

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There will be another cost that will have to be paid by the homeowner and that will need to be done at the completion of the project some time in 2015.  Each homeowner will need to bring forth the correct lateral plumbing fixtures from the house to the curb or street where they need to connect to the City Sewer system.  The City is “Estimating” that the individual homeowner will spend between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on current location of their system, what they do with the current system and the amount of upgrades they have done to the property that may interfere with the installation of the new system.  Each homeowner will have a couple different options on what to do with their current system:  Remove it, Fill it with Sand or Clean it, Sterilize it and Convert it to reclaim used rain water for potable water usage.  Lastly, there will be a City Permit fee which is not determined yet on price but was told that they would do their best to keep it to a minimum.  For weekly updates click here.

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