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by kevinjones on January 1, 2012

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Life and Career Management by Kevin Jones.  We must learn to Manage our Life in 8 primary areas to achieve a basic balance in life.  Creating that ultimate Life Balance is key to our ultimate success!  Lets look at that word for a minute, Success, what is it?  What does it mean to be Successful?  Who determines when you are Successful?  Where are the boundaries that determine if you are successful or not?  These a re some of the questions that you will answer and determine for yourself through this book.  It is an interactive learning experience designed to be able to be read once a year to expand on your growth based upon where you are at in that given part of your life.  When you are ready specific areas of the book will become more valuable and intense where other areas will not.
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This and all of Kevin Jones’ work is written on a level that the average person can read and comprehend without having to look up technical terms.  One of the primary philosophies is to keep things simple and always focus on the basics first.  To purchase this book click here.

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Since moving to the Central Coast a few years ago I have come to the conclusion that anything in life is possible if you just know how to get it!  This book will take you on a Journey that will ask you questions that will in turn lead you to your own success in life.  It will help you have clarity on exactly what you want and expect out of life.  Once this is done you are on your way to having everything you ever wanted in life!


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