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Interest Rates

by kevinjones August 30, 2012 How's The Market

Interest Rates are starting to go up a bit … now is the time to buy and or refinance before they go up too much!  Economic indicators are that the buyers will want to buy as it looks like the market is showing signs of a possible turn and now may be the bottom of …

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Vineyard Estate in Paso Robles For Sale!

by kevinjones August 26, 2012 Latest News

Realty Professionals  805 474-7040.  Here we have an Amazing Estate and Vineyard available For Sale located in the Prestigious region of Paso Robles.  This Estate has two parcel numbers and two separate lots, one approximately 10 acres and the other almost 14 acres!   8.5 acres of Syrah at house, contracted for 3 years to Eberle …

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by kevinjones July 26, 2012 Latest News

FEELINGS from within began as a thought, originating from an experience, ultimately determining an outcome.  Our feelings determine our mood, our reactions and our decisions.  What creates our feelings?  It is a lifelong learning process of what we have experienced and through influence how we deal with our various life experiences.  We are not born …

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Drivers Seat

by kevinjones July 20, 2012 Latest News

Each and every day that we wake up we are in our own “Drivers Seat”, given the opportunity to “Navigate” our way around this crazy game we call life.  Over 95% of people wander aimlessly without direction, no map and with no written end result or destination.  It’s like wanting to go to Hawaii for …

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Success is in the Service

by kevinjones July 18, 2012 Latest News

Success is all about the Service you provide to others!  The amount of Service you provide will determine the amount of success you will have.  It’s a Pretty simple formula …,  The harder you work, the luckier you will get!  You see your Success is in Direct proportion to the Service you provide that others …

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Dream Board or Vision Board

by kevinjones June 27, 2012 Latest News

What is a Vision or Dream Board?  What should be included in a Dream Board or Vision Board?  Why is a Dream Board important?  These are very important questions if you are considering getting to the next level and want to build a Vision or Dream Board.  A Dream Board is exactly that, a board that …

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Los Angeles Rent Control

by kevinjones May 11, 2012 Latest News

Los Angeles Rent Control.  The Los Angeles Rent Control laws were established to create a fair housing environment for the tenants.  One of which is discrimination.  Federal, State, and Local laws prohibit housing discrimination based on Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Ancestry, Mental Disability, Physical Disability (HIV & AIDS included), Familial Status (Children), Marital Status, Age, Sexual Orientation, Source of Income, Student Status or other Arbitrary Reasons.  Basically in …

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Wicks Short Sale Update

by kevinjones May 9, 2012 Latest News

Wicks Short Sale Update:  Included here will be information that will be logged and updated daily as the short sale progresses.  Most of your questions and concerns will be answered here.  If you follow this link you should be updated as much as the listing agent is on this file.  At any time that you …

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The Ultimate Test

by kevinjones April 23, 2012 Latest News

There are times in our lives that we are put to our Ultimate test … tested on every level that we can experience as a being … to extent where it truly seems unfair.  Have you ever been pushed beyond what you thought your limits were? At this point in life we choose … the …

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MMG Weekly Topics

by kevinjones April 19, 2012 Latest News

Mike Ferry Mastermind Group Weekly Call.  Here are the weekly topics until the Superstar retreat in July (2012).  We should plan on meeting at the retreat on one of the breaks near the end of the retreat and designate the topics for the following 6 months until the One on one retreat.  We can design …

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