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by kevinjones on January 28, 2013

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Just Do It!  Realty Professionals  805-474-7040.  Nike has proclaimed the slogan, Just Do It!  Why is it sometimes you see someone that has extraordinary success but doesn’t appear to be an extraordinary person in knowledge or skill?  Where these individuals and people with and without the knowledge and skill have is that very special place in their heart that they just Go For It!  Maybe they aren’t the best, maybe they don’t know everything but they take action and do!  The great thing about this is the more you take action the more chances you have at success.  Ask any great athlete, they know that to achieve any level of success they have to push through the barrier of failure, temporary defeat and just Do It Again and Again and Again!  A Professional Baseball player doesn’t hit a home run every time at bat, they don’t even hit the ball every time, the best of the best don’t even hit it half of the time!  How many times does the quarterback throw the ball before getting a touch down?  How many shots does the best basketball player make before making a basket?  These guys and gals practice and practice and practice, they fail over and over and over again … what do they have?  Stick-to-it-iveness!  Get some!  Have a POWERFUL day!

Go 300x229 Just Do It

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