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Hydration and why it is so important. (see video to the right)  We need water to survive and many people drink sports and energy drinks but may not realize that most are loaded with salt, caffeine, sugar and carbs that tend to over stimulate the average person with the average amount of physical activity that they do.  How can I increase or monitor my water intake?  Get a water bottle so that you can better keep track how much water you are feeding your body.  How can I increase my intake I really don’t like water?  To flavor water and make it more enjoyable add lemon, lime or any citrus to the water and it will flavor and spice it up for you! You can also drink before and after meals or drink water when you feel hungry and add oatmeal to your diet, oatmeal soaks up a bunch of liquid to make the oats soft. Milk and veggies can add to the content of liquids and a personal favorite is a smoothie on a warm day! Yogurt and fruit in the smoothie will help hydrate you as well.  How can you tell if you are getting dehydrated? Best test is check your urine, if it clear you are in the clear. The darker the urine the more dehydrated you are. If your mouth is dry, you are sleepy when you shouldn’t be, feel fatigued, have a headache, feel confused, dizzy or have cramps are just some of the signs of possible dehydration. Being dehydrated can also elevate other health issues because being dehydrated can raise your body temperature, increase or elevate your blood pressure and heart rate and also contribute to joint pain. If you experience any of these please consult a physician or emergency room immediately, you don’t want to look like the toad in the picture below! Always remember if you are going to go on a hike, number one and two rule is don’t ever hike alone and always bring enough water!

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Kevin Jones is a full time real estate broker and also has been on the County Search and Rescue team for many years as a volunteer and with almost every rescue of a subject the first thing they ask for is water and that they made poor decisions on their own. Bring water and hike with a friend or group.


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