How to Think BIG

by kevinjones on December 11, 2012

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Realty Professionals  805-474-7040  How to Think BIG by Kevin Jones.    How BIG we think determines the size of our accomplishments as long as it is backed with action.  The greatest human weakness is selling one self short.  So how do you not sell yourself short?  First of you have to realize that you are greater or bigger than you think.  How so?  We are a small piece of a Bigger Puzzle, but what we do affects the rest of the pieces so we need to realize that our small dash of paint (our life) on the canvas affects the entire painting, just as one bad apple in the barrel will spoil others.

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Next we must understand that we as humans don’t think in words or phrases.  this will stump many as most are taught that this is exactly how we think, but we really think based upon pictures and or images.  Why do you think TV and the Internet is so compelling to watch?  The BIGGEST thinkers specialize their environments in Creatitve, Positive, Forward Thinking and Optimistic places that motivate not only them but everyone around them!

Learning to SPEAK the THINKING BIG language.   The Biggest Thinkers use Highly Descriptive words and phrases that convey Big, Positive and Cheerful Mental Images in the minds of the associates and people they encounter daily.  They use these words to describe how they feel, to describe other people, in the language they use to encourage and motivate others.

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Big Thinkers train themselves not to see things as they are … but how they Could Be.  They VISUALIZE the greater in all things they come in contact with.  This also will force you as a BIG THINKER to look past the present and to Visualize the Great of all things in the future!  Think of yourself 5 years from now, not as you are today, but as the person you want to become and keep that focus of that person daily.  You will become that person if that is your mental focus and believe that you will become that person you visualized.

Practice make perfect as the old saying goes … so practice these three areas of adding value:  Practice adding value to the things around you.  2.) Practice adding value to the people around  you and everyone you come in contact with and most of all adding value to yourself each and everyday.

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Realty Professionals train not only in providing you with the best possible real estate knowledge but also with agents and brokers that are seasoned in life with a better, more balanced individual that allow us to operate at a higher level then the average agent, to negotiate peacefully but powerfully, to always keep the big picture in front of us and you best interest at heart.  For a free and confidential interview call us today  805-474-7040.

Realty Professionals with a Central Coast location that specializes in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.  We also have agents in  Southern California that Specialize in Los Angeles County with the anticipation of opening a San Diego office 2013.

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