How to have the Best Year Ever in Real Estate!

by kevinjones on December 17, 2012

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Realty Professionals  805-474-7040  How to have the Best Year Ever in Real Estate.  by Kevin Jones  How to have the Best Year Ever in Real Estate.  I am going to go through various areas of your Business and Personal life that will include ways that you think, how you operate, what you do, don’t do and maybe give you a few ideas of what you might want to do .  This will be brief, direct and to the point with the sole purpose of making you a better Real Estate Agent in 2013!  The beginning of any successful person or business first you must determine what it is that you want to achieve, what will be your end result.  Then you will have to break that down to what you are willing to do in return, what you are willing to give up to reach that result.  Will it be time, money, resources, expertise or all of the above.  Zig Ziglar preached: If you just help enough other people get what they want in return you will get what you want.  Very profound statement!

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Beginning with you, we will explore areas that will draw out questions so that you will know where you need to focus on in 2013.  Knowing what you r strongest and weakest points allow you to perform at your best, work on your weakest points to become stronger in those areas and to better serve your clients.

PERSONALITY:  Are you likable, approachable, talkable, coachable and possess the ability to listen?  These are traits of a master salesperson.  You will make less sales if you have a repulsive personality guaranteed!

MINDSET: What is it that you believe, where is your confidence level, how big do you think, how positive is your attitude and how open are you to new ideas, opportunities and ways of thinking?
DECISIONS;  Having the ability to make decisions quickly and in good judgement takes practice.

VALUE:  What value in yourself do you possess, what value does your company bring to the table, what is the value in your service vs. any/all competing agents, what is the value in your attitude, how much excitement do you bring, at what level is your enthusiasm and what do you contribute that your competition does not?

BALANCE: A great agent is always looking at achieving maximum balance in their life overall, personally, in business, mentally, socially, long term career, financially, with their family, friends and especially their health.

APPEARANCE:  You don’t have to wear an expensive suit or outfit, but you do need to be neat, clean and presentable.  Hair combed, clothes free of wrinkles and stains, proper hygiene and smelling good  with light cologne but not over done.  You don’t have to pull up in a Rolls Royce but your vehicle should also be presentable, clean and in good working order.

Tools that will enable you to provide the best possible service to your clients by being the most effective, efficient and Creative Professional in your market:

ENVIRONMENT:  Your environment can have vast impacts on every aspect of your life, from where you live, where you work, your workstation, all they way down to how clean and organized you keep it.

PROSPECTING:  Consistently look for new business, utilizing the phones to call expired listings, for sale by owners, past clients, sphere of influence, just listed, just sold, business owners, doing proper follow up on leads, sign calls, walk ins and to do this passionately and at a high level of professional persistence without being repulsive.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Being accountable first and foremost to yourself is key, but to also have others that will crack the whip if you slack off a little like a coach, partner, group, family or even your spouse.

SKILLS:  Having the right skills for each encounter or circumstance in sales, negotiations, marketing, psychology, scripts, objections, closing, cultural diversity, business knowledge, lastly  when and how to implement any and all of these skills.

COMMUNICATION:  Being able to speak clearly, concisely and with the ability for others to easily.

SYSTEMS:  Having various systems within your business so that you will have a plan of action in various areas.  If you don’t have systems in place, take the time to create a new system file or binder each month of this year.  Some might include: EXP, FSBO, PC, SOI, Follow Up, Post Cards, 800#, Buyer, Seller, Escrow, Transaction Coordinator and Scripts, that is 12 basic to get you started.

Traits that will get you ahead of the competition from the starting gate.  you will need every advantage you possibly can and 90% of life is mental so here are some advantages that you will need to be first mentally strong and backed by physical strength and action:

VISION STATEMENT:  How do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 20 years from now, how are you going to be different, where are you going to live, what are your doing daily, what are you driving, think big!

VISION BOARD:  We are programmed to be visual people so it only makes sense to have a vision board and if you can spare the extra few moments create a Vision Binder, like an Album or Scrap book and take it everywhere, look at it often and everything in there will soon be yours!

TRACKING:  When we track our numbers we can basically guarantee results based upon our performance not only to ourselves but our clients and loved ones!  Nothing is more powerful than to be able to confidently tell a seller exactly what you can deliver!

EXCUSES:  Everyone has them in one way shape or form.  Write them down, create an objection handler, an alternative action item and affirmations to conquer and eliminate any and all excuses!  Number one excuse eliminator is to take action!

INTERRUPTIONS:  Make yourself valuable, demand that others will be charged for the interruption during blocked times a good number is $100 a minute.  What if you are the one allowing the interruption, then you pay the fine to a charity or person you despise. You interruptions will quickly disappear!

SCHEDULE:  Design your schedule to be able to be met realistically with a monthly growth, effectiveness and efficiency level of 10%.  Example:  if you prospect an hour a day today within 1 year you will add an additional 2 hours to your schedule!  This would triple your productivity!  This could take you from $100k a year to $300k a year or more in 12 months!

DRAMA:  There is no easy way to deal with this other than deal with it quickly and move on, don’t allow unnecessary drama in your life and the other persons emergency is not necessarily your emergency, it is usually because the other person failed to properly plan.

GRATITUDE:  We have to sit back and just be thankful for everything in our lives, all the way down to the small stuff we take for granted, our sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, our ability to communicate, think, and do.  We are an amazing machine and many times we forget.  Also all the great people around us, family, friends, clients and vendors.

AFFIRMATIONS:  Are a very Powerful part of the daily process, to affirm, re-affirm and to remember the things that are most important to us.  Create a binder of all of your affirmations and break them down into different areas of your life that are most important so that you can go back and reference them.

There has to be a certain amount of time in the day for you, to give back to yourself, recharge that battery so that you can give more to the next client, go that extra mile and provide the highest level of service possible at the 11th hour!

SELF WORTH:  believing in yourself, having the blind faith that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

ME TIME:  Taking that few minutes a day for alone time to meditate, do yoga, read, write, draw or have fun.

CREATIVITY:  Having creative time in your schedule, taking 15 minutes a day to harness your inner creative being will do wonders.

VACATIONS:  Have at least 4 planned vacations each year, even if they are weekend get away trips, you have got to recharge your batteries, refresh your mind, get out and experience new places, things, people and cultures.

Financially we all need to plan and design what our future financial outcome will be.

INVEST:  Always pay yourself first, focus on your numbers, increase by 10% each month.

SAVINGS:  Pay yourself your savings first before yourliving expenses.

EXIT STRATEGY:  know exactly what it will take and set a realistic date.

LEGACY:  What is it that you want to leave behind, what do you want to be remembered by?

In life we need balance and there are a few areas that are more important than others, here are a few:

FAMILY: Make sure you plan the time to spend with them and do it regardless of anything else.  We only get this minute once and after it is gone it will never return, don’t miss out on what is most important … family.

FRIENDS:  Choose your friends wisely, who you hang around is who you become.

CAREER:  Choose a career you enjoy, even in Real Estate there are several areas you can specialize in, Commercial, Industrial, Investment Properties, Residential, Land, Business Opportunities,  Property Management or you could specialize in Buyers or Sellers, Sales or Leasing or even Management or Ownership.

MENTAL:  You have to feed your brain positive material, take the time to charge your battery with positive reading material that will help you, your clients and allow you to serve everyone around you better.

PHYSICAL:  We only get one body, as each day passes we are not getting any younger and have to make this physical body last as long as we possibly can.  Pay more attention to what you eat, your weight, workout, activities and physical check ups.

FINANCIAL:  Learning to serve unconditionally is the key to financial prosperity, helping enough people get what they want we will be taken care of in the long run.

SOCIAL:  Having the ability to meet with others and interact, carry on conversation and to contribute to their lives.

SPIRITUAL: You don’t have to go to church to be spiritual, maybe for you it is church, for others it is a walk in the park or nature.  Determine what it is for you and spend a little time each day.

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