Habits and Change

by kevinjones on May 1, 2012

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Habits and Change.  Habits can be good or bad.  Habits will either enhance or cripple your performance and productivity.   By embracing positive change in your life you will make significant strides in the right direction, as nothing will change until you do.  The only possible way to even have a chance in creating change in others is first to create change within ourselves.  Once we have created the change and it is clearly evident through our actions the power of influence will take over … and maybe some of our new behavior, change and our new attitude, might possibly rub off on them!

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Change in a positive manner usually requires more or a new discipline.  This will have to be understood, knowing exactly what new discipline we are focused on.  If we were to just add one new discipline per month and focus on it with all of our passion.  Then the next month choose another discipline and focus on both with all your might until they become a Habit … a normal behavior, something you do without thinking about it!  In return we are rewarded with more freedom, enjoyment and peace of mind!  Kevin Jones 2012.  Wishing you a POWERFUL and PRODUCTIVE day!

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