Good Intentions

by kevinjones on May 17, 2012

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I think that virtually everyone has good intentions … then why do some people have continued success in everything they do while others seem to just never get anything to come together?  Is it that some people just don’t know what to do?  Is it that they don’t know how to do it?  Could it be that they have no clue on where to start?  I think that everyone is different and if we really want to accomplish a worthwhile goal we need to dig deep and find “the why”.

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If there is something that we really want to achieve or accomplish we must first write it out in the form of a goal, idea or end result.  The next step is to write out a basic design, a plan of action on how this can be done in very simple steps.  Then we will need to learn everything we can about what it is that we want to achieve.  While we are studying this topic or area we will need to begin to take massive action to get us toward our end result.

Will we fail throughout this process?  Most definitely, but what really is failure?  It is only way that builds more character, an understanding of one way that does not work and gets us one step closer to success!  Accept and Embrace failure, because without failure, there will be no success!  One of the biggest differences between the most successful people in life is how they deal with failure!  The most successful people never see failure as failure … only as a way to … (insert answer here) get closer to your goal, become a better person, learn how something does not work, etc.

Success comes to those in the amount of effort that is put into it.  We also need to mentally be prepared that we accept success and all the fruits that it brings with it!  Believe in yourself that you can achieve and that you deserve the rewards that come with the success of achieving … remember you worked for it … you deserve to reap some of the rewards and enjoy those rewards

Wishing you all a POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL day!  Kevin Jones 2012

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