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FEELINGS from within began as a thought, originating from an experience, ultimately determining an outcome.  Our feelings determine our mood, our reactions and our decisions.  What creates our feelings?  It is a lifelong learning process of what we have experienced and through influence how we deal with our various life experiences.  We are not born with fear, we learned fear.  We are not born mean, hostile, irritable, etc., just as we are not born with scars, as we go through life and experience damage to our body (physically and emotionally) we are left with a reminder.  These reminders influence our future.


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How do we change our emotional feelings and reactions?  We have to provide more content to our brain, we have to provide our brain with more content, healthy, nutritious information, new data so that it will have more to base a decision on.  So how do we do this?  Stop doing negative activities, like watching the news (most TV for that matter) and reading positive books that will enrich you mind and life!  Listen to Audio books or watch seminars.  What if I don’t have any money, YouTube is loaded with this content, just stay focused on the topic at hand, it is easy to get distracted.

Every living thing on this earth is driven from and is being managed by forces that we ignore.  One Magnetism and two Vibration.  Our physical make up is not possible without vibration and magnetism allows us to stay together.  Emotionally our feelings are attracting “Like” objects, experiences and other life forms that are thinking similar to what we are thinking, this is magnetism and it is sent out through the universe through a vibrating or pulsing force that we can’t see.  Have you ever been somewhere and you feel like you are being watched without seeing the person looking at you and then you look up and they are.  This is a part of that force.

Through these forces we are attracting everything into our life, good, bad and everything in between.  Why do people have more and some less?  Why do some have all positive experiences while others all negative?  It is their thoughts, it is their attraction.  It is their Magnetism, it is the “Vibes” that you are putting out their without even realizing it!  Try this … for 30 days, read positive material for 30 minutes each morning within the first hour of waking up, write out one positive outcome for the day, keep the written note with you, look at it several times throughout the day, make it realistic, and keep focusing on it.  Then read something positive for 30 minutes before going to bed.  Do this for 30 days and tell me how your life has changed, keep a log or journal and you will be amazed!  Wishing you a POWERFUL and PRODUCTIVE day!  Kevin Jones 2012.


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