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1662 Strand “In Escrow”

by kevinjones November 5, 2014 Central Coast

1662 Strand Way, Oceano “In Escrow”  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300.   Realty Professionals does it again, another property in Escrow, this is 1662 Strand Way in Oceano, a beach front property that is currently being used as a vacation rental.  Kevin Jones used Variable Range Marketing (VRM) and achieved four offers on the property and was …

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Determination and Commitment

by kevinjones May 16, 2014 Escrow

Determination and Commitment,  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300.  What do you look for in an agent or company?  Determination and Commitment should be up near the top of the list.  While other agents would not want to take a listing under $100,000 that is a Short Sale, has a leaky roof, black mold and a dozen cars …

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Buyer: Accepted Offer

by kevinjones April 9, 2014 Escrow

Buyer: Accepted Offer.  Realty Professionals 805-473-0300.  What is the process after we get an accepted offer?  Depending on the contract and the various terms and time frames it will vary slightly.  The basics are getting the Escrow opened along with Title so they can provide you with a clear deed.  Will need to get the …

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