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by kevinjones on June 27, 2012

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What is a Vision or Dream Board?  What should be included in a Dream Board or Vision Board?  Why is a Dream Board important?  These are very important questions if you are considering getting to the next level and want to build a Vision or Dream Board.  A Dream Board is exactly that, a board that has all of your Goals, Dreams, Visions, Wishes, Needs, Wants and Desires all in one place that is a Visual presentation of what it is that you want out of life!  Think back when your mind would wander as a little kid, we all did it, we all had these crazy notions that we would be driving Ferrari’s, have indoor basketball courts and an arcade inside our luxury home.  How many have achieved it?  Not that many.  The question is why?  Answer: Because we lost our vision.  The vision was blocked by life’s drama, it’s day to day “Stuff” and we need a reminder of what it is that we are busting our behinds for each and everyday in what we call work or our job.  By doing this we will seek more, ask the Universe for more, we will strive to get more done each day, become more productive, effective and efficient in everything we do so we can have more!  it is the proverbial carrot on the stick.

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You could include things such as places you dream of visiting, the automobile you dream of driving, the house you dream of owning, the amount of money you wish to possess, charities you wish to give to and the amounts.  The thing to remember is keep this a Vibrant and Colorful as Possible, as real as possible, so that you can connect to it, feel it, live it, experience it like you already are in possession of it!  Now here is a list of  Topics that can be a part of your Dream Board:

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Physical: is there a weight you want to achieve, clothes you want to buy, a look you want, etc.
Health: start a workout routine and reach a specific target by certain date, diet, etc.
Mental: such as a certain book or books you would like to read or maybe even write, affirmations, etc.
Friends: things you would like to do with them, relationships, visits, etc.
Family: maybe take a family vacation, weekly activities, strengthening, etc.
Financial: a yearly income that you desire, consistency and stability.
Spiritual: to be at a specific level of spirituality by a certain time, do certain things, etc.
Social: maybe be more or less social, join clubs, be a part of certain organization, etc.
Career: be at a certain level or job position within a specified time period, reach a milestone, etc.
Retirement: at a desired age with a guaranteed amount of income from a guaranteed source.
Personal: who you want to become as a person, how you want to be seen or remembered.

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Interesting thought … looking at all of these great things on a board in front of you … first be thankful for everything in your life that you currently have.  You are in a great place, wherever you are now is a much better place than many other less fortunate people.  Once we give the gratitude and count our blessings then we can magnify our thoughts, open our minds to more, allow the universe to deliver anything and everything that we want!  You see when we come from being thankful and living a life of contribution … everything flows much easier and we are blessed with so much more of everything in our own lives!  Life is as Amazing as you allow it to be!

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Where ever you spend time and can look at or read positive material add a Dream or Vision board … if you are a “Techie” you can also use an electronic picture viewer to have all the things you want display electronically.  It can sit on your desk, in your bathroom, where ever!  But what about the car?  Above is a picture of a sunvisor that has a DVD player built it … just save your files in a picture format on a disk and play it back while in the car … obviously while it is parked!  A great thing to look at before a listing appointment, before meeting with a client, before walking in the office and before going home!  Work it … make it a Great day!


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Another alternative to an electronic dream board is Pinterest, it is an online Pin Up board where everyone shares their pins together. This can also create some accountability and sharing of your interests with others … which in turn might create more business for you!

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