Corona Virus Information

by kevinjones on March 14, 2020

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Corona Virus Information

Today is a Beautiful day!  I have had a lot of clients, associates, friends and family that have reached out and have asked my opinion about what is going on with this Corona Virus that is dominating the news worldwide. and I am going to answer many of the questions, concerns and information that I have researched specifically for this video. For the record I am NOT an expert, scientist or a doctor, I have only done research from reliable resources that I personally trust and wanted to share them with you as many news media sources are in my opinion are giving misinformation.

So here we go!  First answer, YES do the precautions, but lets not go crazy and go overboard worrying about what could happen or buying all the toilet paper on the shelf.  All this will do is create fear, worry and uncertainty to you and the ones around you, it will bring everyone down, not only in spirit but your immune levels.  Set a good example for those around you, especially the youngsters as they are looking at you to be their rock and help the elderly around you, friends, family and neighbors as they will need our help the most.

Could I get the Corona virus tomorrow?   Yes, Absolutely, I am not worried about it because I choose not to live my life in fear and I hope … you will do the same thing.  There is no vaccine for this virus and there won’t be one anytime soon so lets take the precautions, keep a positive mental attitude (PMA) and instead of being fearful, be informed so that you can be empowered.  Your power is in making choices that support your health and those around you.  A famous President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

So what can I do to protect myself and my family?  Masks, gloves, washing my hands, etc. will this help?  This virus is a respiratory exposure transmission type that basically means that if you are sharing air, you can be exposed to the virus.  The misinformation is that basic hygiene, hand sanitizers, not touching your face are all good things that we should always be doing on a daily basis, but this will not stop this virus. How UC Davis is handling the Corona Virus, click here.   Here is something to think about: what about shaking someones hand or touching a shopping cart after an infected person and then grabbing your phone and putting that to your face?  Something people don’t think about all the time is how dirty is our cell phone?  More information from Center of Infectious Disease with info on Corona Virus.

Origin and conspiracy theory of the virus: Did this come from some Chinese Bio Chemical laboratory?  Scientists have proven through genetic testing that this did NOT come from a laboratory, the Corona virus shows that it is an animal specific strain that originated in the third week of November from a type of anteater in China and that mother nature is the greatest creator of these diseases, so that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

The corona virus is just like the flu.  It is similar to influenza, it is related to MERS and SARS and has some similar traits of each.  SARS came from an animal food in FEB 2003 and was over by JUN of that year due to good public health like we are seeing today.  MERS was a non-seasonal virus that originated from camels and was controlled by infection control. We will get through this virus also but be aware that the few that do die from the flu are a complication that led to a secondary bacterial Pnuemonia and that there is medication that can help with these so seek medical help immediately.

What can I do to have the best possible chance of not getting the virus?  You can limit the contact you have in public places, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, take your vitamins and medication regularly, eat healthy and avoid stress, anxiety, frustration and emotional roller coasters as these can lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to any sickness.

Why does positive mental attitude play a factor in this? John Hopkins Medical research actually has proven that negative emotions actually weaken your immune system. So do things that make you happy, exercise, continue a healthy lifestyle and think positive thoughts.

So in short, be safe, be wise, help your neighbor and we will get through this.

Wishing you all a POWERFUL, PRODUCTIVE and HEALTHY day!









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