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Realty Professionals  818-955-SOLD (7653)  City of Burbank Services.  First a brief of Burbank the City and it’s history.  In 1867 Dr. Burbank, a New Hampshire Dentist purchased two Spanish land Grants, built a home and raised sheep.  To increase the value of his land Dr. Burbank sold a strip of land to the Southern Pacific Railroad for a dollar, in 1874 the first train went through Burbank.  In 1886 Dr. Burbank sold his property to Land Speculators that divided the property up into a Business District, Small Farms and Residential lots.  In 1911 the City Incorporated, in 1917 the first major industry came into Burbank, the Moreland Truck Company.  By 1930 the population was over 16,000 and by 1943 is was over 50,000 with the help of Lockheed having 94,000 employees!  Lockheed is now gone and the Empire Center has replaced it, Burbank now has a population over 100,000 people!  With the development of the Studios and supporting companies, the Shopping Mall, new Housing developments and revitalization the City has grown to what it is today, known as the Big, Little City!

Burbank Cuty Hall 300x240 City of Burbank Services

Realty Professionals 818-955-SOLD (7653)










Burbank Water and Power  818-238-3700
Burbank City Attorney
Burbank City Clerk’s Office
Burbank City Manager’s Office
Burbank City Treasurer’s Office
Burbank Community Development Department
Burbank Financial Services Department
Burbank Fire Department
Burbank Information Technology Department
Burbank Library Services Department
Burbank Management Services Department
Burbank Park, Recreation and Community Services Department
Burbank Police Department
Burbank Public Works Department
Burbank Recycle Center (818) 238-3900
The Gas Company:  Business customers: (800) 427-2000   Residential customers: (800) 427-2200

Burbank City Council 300x214 City of Burbank Services

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 City Council Members

Dave Golonski, Mayor
Emily Gabel-Luddy, Vice Mayor
Gary Bric, Council Member
Dr. David Gordon, Council Member
Jess Talamantes, Council Member

Burbank City 300x199 City of Burbank Services

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Burbank on Parade 300x248 City of Burbank Services

Realty Professionals 818-955-SOLD (7653)











Economic Development, Redevelopment and Housing

Burbank WorkForce Connection
Verdugo Jobs Center  (818) 409-0476


Disney Studios 300x201 City of Burbank Services

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RP LOGO 300x56 City of Burbank Services

Realty Professionals 818-955-SOLD (7653)





Burbank Real Estate  818-955-SOLD (7653)       Residential, Income and Commercial, Sales and Leasing.
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