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Realty Professionals  805-474-7040  by Kevin Jones.  Choosing.  In life we are confronted every day with many choices, actions and reactions to many different scenarios.  It is where we take a stand and cement our beliefs, the path in which we choose to walk and in which views we decide to take will ultimately decide our fate.  We have the right to do nothing and allow the world to happen OR we have the right to take action and create our world exactly how we can imagine it.  Everything starts with a single idea linked to small flame deep within you that is fueled by your constant thoughts that hopefully will continue to grow each day larger and larger, with more and more passion until you obtain this thought, goal, dream or ambition!

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It all starts with Choosing.  Choosing to move forward.  Choosing to take action.  Choosing to believe in yourself.  It’s not how smart you are, there are plenty of people that aren’t the brightest and they achieved great success.  How?  Persistence!  They kept on going when everyone else gave up!  So can you!  Choose something for today, maybe as simply as doing something that someone can never repay you by making a difference in their life, like lending a helping hand to a stranger, volunteering feeding the homeless or whatever is in your heart.  Then think of something BIGGER and go after that over this next year, maybe if you are in real estate it is to help a certain amount of people or families achieve the American Dream by buying or selling real estate.

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Kevin Jones, Real Estate Broker with Realty Professionals enjoys motivational and positive thoughts to propel himself and others around him to lead each day in a POWERFUL and POSITIVE manner!  If this is what you are looking for in a Real Estate Agent, call Kevin Jones today!  805-474-7040

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