Belief, Passion and Never Quitting!

by kevinjones on April 19, 2012

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Belief, Passion and Never Quitting by Kevin Jones.  Why is it that some people are more successful than others? How can great achievers like Thomas Edison fail over 10,000 times before finally being successful with the light bulb?  What gives someone like Colonial Sanders the ability to travel all over America and be rejected by over 1,000 investors for his restaurant idea.  Could it be the Belief, the Passion or the Faith in yourself, your idea or your service that would allow you to be successful?  I think it is a combination of all of them!  If you not only believe in yourself, you believe in your product and/or service, you believe it is good for people and believe it sincerely, then you have something you can be passionate about!

The trust within yourself, your belief,  your blind faith that this is the product or service, is what will develop into that white heat, that passion, that fury that will propel you to the next level and allow you to serve not only yourself but everyone around you in a much better way!  Learning that the word “No” is not some type of rejection word, it is only one step closer to the yes answer and making that difference in everyone lives!

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Kevin Jones, Real Estate Broker and Author writes these short clips to help encourage someone each day … something that can uplift a person and catapult them to success!  Sometimes it is only a few words that can make all the difference … my wish is to help someone each and everyday!  Living life by contribution.

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