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by kevinjones on July 6, 2006

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Its All About YOU  by Kevin Jones  About the Author:  Having the opportunity to experience many things in life has been my good fortune.  Some ask how can being homeless be a good thing?  Well for me it taught me appreciation, being grateful and that nothing in life is free!  Leaving home at an early age allowed me to grow up quickly, learn how to support myself and be self motivating.  I have many people to thank while I was on that journey in the early 1980′s, thank you for anyone and everyone that was kind, courteous and generous!
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I did manage to finish and get a high school diploma.  That summer I enlisted in the U.S. Navy to leave for Boot Camp in nine and a half months.  Six months later I married my best friend and High School Sweetheart whom I am still on my honeymoon with today, 21 years and three children later!  I served six years in the Navy.  This was the beginning of learning that what you can control in your mind you can manifest.

After the military, working for a water delivery company I was injured on the job.  For months I couldn’t work, physically I was in pain, mentally I didn’t know how I was going to get through this and financially we were in really bad shape.  Finally I decided that regardless of anything else, I was going to make it happen!  There was no way I was going to sleep in a closet, bus or in a car again!
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We scaled way back, started over, went back to the basics, a simple plan, getting from point A to B.  Once we arrived at B then we figured out how to get to C.  We sacrificed what we had to, whatever it took to get ahead.  The whole focus was to always be moving forward!

The matter of 10 years of sacrifice put my family and I from having virtually nothing, just enough income to get by to a state of absolute abundance.  From living in an apartment to owning our own home!  From driving beat up old cars that our friends would name “The Queen Mary” to brand new luxury automobiles.
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Another 5 years later I would own my own Real Estate and Loan company, write a book and look back on this incredible journey that if someone would have told me when I was homeless, with a packet of sugar in my hand for dinner that I would be living in a huge house at the top of the hill, driving expensive cars … I would have laughed.  The funny thing is … I did it … I have transformed myself into who I have become with the tools that are in this book.  And you can too … if you want it bad enough!

Was the journey hard, there were days that seemed like it was never going to happen, but keeping the faith in myself, knowing that I can have whatever I set my mind to getting … I will get!  And so can you!  Follow these incredibly easy steps, utilize this website, sign up for the coaching program and your success is sure to happen!
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Always remember that when all else fails … persistence prevails.  When I was fired from my job selling cars and went back into real estate I spent 6 hours a day cold calling for business, three weeks went by … nothing, I was ready to give up … but I had made the commitment to make this work.  At lunch that day I had already put in four hard hours on the phone and got nothing … I recommitted to myself that I would find one person in the next two hours that had to buy or sell real estate.  And I did, that afternoon, after almost 90 hours of telemarketing I got my first lead of a person that needed to buy.  I was so excited, but I kept calling and a few minutes later I found a person that needed to sell!  So never sell yourself too short, just when it looks like it will never happen is almost always one step away from success!

Take that step now, click here and order this book and transform your future!

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Kevin Jones a Real Estate Professional and Real Estate Broker with a Pismo Beach Real Estate Office and Burbank Real Estate serving the Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo Counties!



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