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by kevinjones on December 3, 2013

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About Rusty Hummer  Kevin Jones  Realty Professionals  805-473-0300  The Hummer H1 gets a bad rap because people have labeled it a Gas Hog, but in reality it has the same engine and transmission as a Diesel Suburbank, Tahoe or K5 Blazer!  Most of the people that I have met did not know that 99% of all Hummer H1′s are Diesel!  There was a small run of gas engine Hummer H1′s in 1995 and 1996 to the best of my knowledge it was about 300 were produced in a gas version and the other 12,000+ H1′s were Diesel.  

Another myth is that Hummer H1 owners are not conscious of the environment.  For the most part many of them are quite the opposite.  The funny thing is that many H1 owners own a Hybrid also!  Kevin Jones and his wife also own a Prius and would the opportunity to share with you the advantages of owning both vehicles but unfortunately for the haters the Hummer is a much better vehicle for the environment!  The carbon foot print on a Hummer H1 is far superior than most vehicles out there … yes, even the Prius!  As a matter of fact Kevin has a Prius too!

So we get this a lot, you own a Prius and an H1 … really … come on!  You are pulling my leg now!  Nope!  People always say that the Prius is so much better for the environment.  With all the studies I have done the average Prius life span is 160,000 miles, whereas the Humvee or Hummer H1 is a Military specifications built vehicle that was designed and built to be driven 1,000,000 miles!  Just that in itself, the environmental impact of the build, not including the impact of the batteries and disposal of the vehicle after 160,000 miles.  Here is a picture of the Hummer and Prius!

H1 PRIUS 1 300x224 About Rusty Hummer
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